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The Sisterhood

Webseries Pilot, 2017
WINNER Best New Pilot at NZ Web Fest 2017
TVNZ New Blood 2017 Competitor


The Sisterhood is a webseries pilot about a group of women who have unique and secret power - to time travel when they have sex. Diana (Amanda Billing) is an experienced and independent traveller who returns home to find it is her turn to host half a dozen women from all different times and places.

She must help them navigate Auckland in 2017 to find a special someone that can help them get home. Much to Diana’s displeasure, it seems that first time traveller Bella will be here to stay until she can overcome her Victorian notions of sex and romance.

This Webseries Pilot came close to winning the public vote in TVNZ's New Blood Webseries Competition in 2017.


Written and Directed by Kyan Krumdieck

Produced by Sophia Seaton

Director of Photography Clayton Carpenter

Amanda Billing, Timmie Cameron, Hamish Parkinson, Chye-Ling Huang, Anna Baird and Joshua McKenzie